37800 Sound Effects For a Radio Drama.

The three people nearest to us are the sound effects crew. The man with the hammer in the box of sand and rocks is making the sound of building a road. The girl looking toward us is making the sound of marching feet with the frame of blocks and the pad on the floor. She is watching the orchestra leader so that the marching feet will be in time to the music. The other girl is making the sound of clashing swords.

The records and record playing machines are for sound effects like motors running, crowds cheering and other sounds that cannot be made in the studio.

In the other room, called the control room, pointing to the sound effects crew, is the producer. He directs the show, telling the performers what to do and when to do it. He can talk to the sound crew and the orchestra leader through the head-phones they are wearing.

The man next to the producer is the control-room engineer. He controls the loudness of the different microphones.