About Us

Dedication To Education And Entertainment

The Board of Directors and Staff of Johnson-Shaw Stereoscopic Museum is dedicated to fostering an environment of entertainment and learning. Many yearly major exhibitions will be presented, as well as regular displays and stereoview shows. We expect schools and colleges to visit, as well as tour groups and local patrons. The museum will host social activities based on the enjoyment of all the industry has to offer and we will be involved in our community as Keystone View Company had been for the better part of a century in Meadville. We welcome questions and comments from the public and intend to be a resource and attraction that our community will receive with pride.


Our Pledge

The Board of Directors and Staff of Johnson-Shaw Stereoscopic Museum are committed to the following:

  • American Association of Museums Code of Ethics for Museums
  • Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Principles and Standards of Professional Practices
  • National Stereoscopic Association
  • Stereoscopic Society of America
  • Representation to the best of our knowledge to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations
  • Privacy of donor information
  • Conduct deemed appropriate for museum and business professionals
  • Fostering an environment of culture, education and entertainment
  • Accuracy to the best of our ability in documentation and presentation of museum property
  • Involvement in and representation of our local community
  • Non-discrimination on the basis of age, religion, ethnic background, national origin, race, class or sexual orientation