29109 From Mohave Point N. E. to Zoroaster and Brahma Temples. (hand tinted)

We have come out on the Hermit Rim road. El Tovar is three miles to the east, or right. Hopi Point, visible at our extreme right is a mile distant by road. Hermit’s Rest is four miles farther to the west, or left. On yonder side of the canyon is Walhalla Plateau. Its farthest projection point into the Canyon is called Cape Royal. It stretches off in the distance at our extreme right. The dark Granite Gorge is seen below to especially good advantage. Between it and the north rim is the towering temple of Zoroaster, its top in shadow. To the left of it, in less distinct outline, we see also Brahma Temple. (See stereograph 29113 for another view in clear outline.) These temples both exceed seven thousand feet in height.

The color that envelops all this overwhelming grandeur is something in itself as marvelous as the rock sculpture. The cliffs over yonder are grayish white, yellow, pink, dull red; the shadows take on the most beautiful, softly glowing hues of amethyst and violet and purple. On some of those more gently sloping terraces, where debris from the cliffs above have given vegetation a chance to start, are scrubby pinion trees, and the smoky, dusty green sagebrush, also yucca, cactus and such other forms of plant life as have the courage to start here.

“For surely it was not our world.” quoting Harriet Monroe; “this stupendous, adorable vision. Not for human needs was it fashioned, but for the abode of the gods. For humanity intruded here; in these warm and glowing purple spaces disembodied spirits must range and sour. I felt keenly sure of mighty presence. This was not earth; for was not heaven itself across there rising above yonder alabaster marge to opalescent ranks . . . ?”

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